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Echosmith 11-min.png


Lately, I've taken an interest in photography. I never had a decent camera until a few months ago. So now I can shoot great pictures and expand my ways of creating content. I'm proud to say I've already photographed quite a big band and I hope to add more names to the list.

Echosmith 12-min.png


Shooting photos (and videos) for Echosmith was one of the coolest and scariest experiences ever. I never did concert photography before and when I sent them a DM on Instagram I didn't really expect an answer. But I'm so glad they replied and let me take my camera to their show. I learned so much and I think the photos turned out pretty cool. They're the sweetest persons ever and I'm proud to say they liked the photos too :)


Fire Proof

In December 2023 I had the chance to photograph Fire Proof in their hometown Almere. It was a great experience to work with these guys and I hope to see them again soon.

I would definitely recommend to check them out!


McKenna Michels

These are my first concert photos ever! That's why it was scary but fun to shoot McKenna Michels on stage at TivoliVredenburg. She has a great style in fashion and in music. I hope I captured here great energy in these pictures. 

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