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This sibling band had their big break through in 2013 with the worldwide hit single 'Cool Kids'. They continued making music but when their brother Jaime left, they were gone for a while.

I personally became a fan in 2017 when they released their first single 'Goodbye' as a 3 piece band. I covered lots of their songs and got noticed by them a few times. In 2023 they finally came back to Europe with the 'See You Tonight Tour'. I sent them a DM on Instagram, asking if they needed someone to shoot photos/videos for the tour. They unexpectedly replied and here I am :) 

They even used the pictures for their own Instagram account!

During the show I also recorded some cool video footage. I always love working with videos and I think this worked out pretty nice!

It's also worth a mention that I posted all this content on Instagram. I got some really nice comments and shares from Echosmith themselves and hope they'll let me do this again in the future!

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